What size range hood do I need?

The range hood is one of the most beneficial kitchen appliances only if you get it in the right size. A mismatched range hood can cause you a lot of trouble. But finding the right size is quite a hectic task for many people and they end up getting a wrong-sized range hood for themselves. And most people ask what size range hood do I need?

To help you get a perfectly matched range hood for your kitchen, I have written down a detailed guide on what size range hood do you need. Keep on reading to make things easier for yourself.

When replacing or installing a new range hood, always make sure to get the right size. Otherwise, you will result in wasting your time and energy. Before getting a new range hood, always check the specifications, and read the details.

Plus, I have also addressed some important FAQs at the end, don’t skip them to get the maximum advantage.

Indoor vs. Outdoor hoods

If you want to purchase an indoor range vent for your kitchen, we recommend you to buy one size larger than your stovetop. For example, if your stove size is 30 inches, go with 36 inches or larger.

And if your range hood is meant for outside or open-air kitchen, then it should be two sizes larger than your cooktop. For example, if the stove is 30 inches, get a hood anywhere between 42 to 54 inches.

Things to consider

There are certain things to consider in order to get the right-sized range hood for you.

Cooktop Size

First and foremost, the cooktop size. If you’re looking for the right range hood, measure the cooktop size. Because the range hood is going to cover the cooktop and if it doesn’t fit perfectly, then it’s not the right size.

For measuring the cooktop size, take a measuring tap, start measuring from one side to the other side of the stove lengthwise. Do the same thing for measuring the width. This way, you will get the exact cooktop size and now you are able to find the right range hood for your stove.

Type of stove

Another thing is what type of stove you have. Do you have a gas stove or an electric one? Most people ask what it has to do with the type of stove. Well, the gas stoves require more ventilation than the electric ones and that is why you need to consider this factor as well.

If you have an electric stove, then you can go with the regular size, but for the gas cooktop, always go for a bit bigger range hood.

Hood location

Always decide beforehand where you are going to locate your range hood vent. There are plenty of options available on the market such as under cabinet hood, island hood, and wall hood, etc. All these range vents have different sizes and dimensions.

Most people get themselves under cabinet hood when all they need is a wall hood. So if you’re going to buy a specific kind of range hood, then always check its size and the spot where it is going to be located.

Is your vent hood ducted or ductless?

You also need to check if your range hood is ducted or ductless. Both of these differ greatly in their sizes. The ductless range hood is a bit larger than the ductless because they need to recirculate air inside the kitchen.

On the other hand, the ducted range hoods can even be a bit smaller than your stove because they will suck out and vent all the heat outside. There are also convertible hoods available on the market, you can also check them out.


What is the difference between ductless and ducted range hood?

The ductless range hood doesn’t need to be vented outside. It blows the air out from the vent and circulates it inside the kitchen. These hoods can be fitted anywhere and don’t need any ductwork.

The ducted range hoods need to be vented outside. These require ductwork and proper venting. Ducted range hoods remove air, smoke, and fumes completely from the kitchen.

Can I replace over the range microwave with a range hood?

Of course. Regardless of what kind of microwave blower, you can always replace it with a range hood to maximize the ventilation. A range hood is a better option to throw out the heat, smoke, and unwanted odors.

Does the range hood work over the grill?

Yes. But for this, you need to have a range hood with a higher cfm. However, don’t use the recirculating hoods for outdoor cooking.

Can I use the same hood range for gas and an electric stove?

Yes, you can use any of the stove with under cabinet range hood. But make sure to install the hood a bit higher to the gas stove. Because gas stove gets hot faster than the electric stoves.

How much does a range hood cost?

On average, most range hoods cost around $300 to $400. However, there are plenty of options available if you’re on a lower budget. You can also go for some more expensive and highly durable range hoods. 

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