7 Types of Range Hood you should know about

Are you about getting yourself a range hood to fit inside your kitchen? If yes, then before proceeding towards investing your money, I would highly suggest you to be familiar with all types of the vent. Range hoods come in various types and designs and it’s better to decide which vent would fit your needs perfectly beforehand.

Here I am going to share with you 7 types of range hoods you should know about to get yourself a perfect match for your kitchenette.

Under Cabinet Rangehood

Under cabinet range, hood is one of the most common range hoods these days. It is extensively used by many people who prefer to have a compact vent hood. These hoods fit under cabinet, that’s from where its name originated. Under cabinet vents are mounted directly on top of the cooktop.

These range hoods come in two types. One requires ductwork and they ventilate the air out of the room. However, the ductless ones recirculate the air inside the kitchen space. You can get any of these depending upon your requirements and space.

Under cabinet range hood is best for you if you’re looking for a compact vent to place inside your kitchen.

Wall Mount range hood

Another compact option for you is the wall mount range hoods. These hoods, unlike under cabinet hoods, are mounted directly into the wall making it more secure. Although these hoods cannot be placed under cabinet, still they provide you extra storage space due to their compact design.

These hoods typically require ductwork and for the ducting, you need to remove one cabinet from above the stove. By venting the air outside the kitchen, these hoods provide you with a better kitchen environment than the rest.

Not only these are efficient in terms of venting, but they also enhance your kitchen aesthetics. Unlike other vent hoods, these serve as a design element to your kitchen, providing a distinctive look.

Island range hood

Island range hoods, also known as ceiling-mounted range hoods are located on top of an island. These vents are not mounted against the wall, rather they are fitted above your central cooktop. These range hood vents are best for professionals who prefer more ventilating than an average home cook.

The island range hoods require ductwork and are vented outside the house through the ceiling. These are covered with a roof cap to prevent any unwanted thing from entering the vent.

Same like wall mounted rang hoods, these hood vents add to your kitchen outlook. These are available in different materials such as glass, copper, and ceramic, etc. for different kitchen themes.

Outdoor range hood

Outdoor range hood is perfect for you if you want to enjoy outdoor BBQ parties with no unwanted odors and fumes. Although other range hoods work well for outdoor parties, but if you’re looking for a stronger option to withstand all the outdoor elements, then this is it.

Outdoor range hoods are specifically made for grills and BBQ. However, you must mount these hoods higher than other range hoods. Because if you install them the same as other range hoods, then they are more likely to be less efficient.

These work best at an optimum height of 36 to 40 inches above your grill or stove in order to filter the smoke and heat.

Range hood inserts

Range hood inserts work just like other range hoods with the same ventilation. However, these are just inserts with a custom-built range hood cover. The best thing about range hood inserts is their customizability. You can choose built-in inserts for your kitchen area according to your theme.

The Rangehood inserts are not only great in customizability but also offers the same venting and air circulation. These can fit inside your custom enclosure, hence offering you the freedom to choose whatever look you want for your kitchen.

So if you’re looking for a customizable option, these vents are best for you.

Professional grade range hood

The next one on our list is professional grade range hood. If you’re not satisfied with normal range hoods such as under cabinet or wall mounted, then these vents are perfect for you. Their venting is higher than most of the range hoods, that is why these are called as professional hoods.

Professional grade range hoods are preferably used larger on commercial scale. Because of their strong venting abilities, these vents are mostly used by those who cook more often than others.

Most of the professional range hoods have higher cfm of up to 900+. With this cfm, you can instantly get rid of any smoke and heat present inside your cooking arena. 

Downdraft range hood

The last one is the downdraft range hood, which is a less common type of range hoods. Although many people use this in their kitchens, their efficiency is lesser than most other range hoods. The downdraft range hoods are fitted inside the cooking space and only taken out when it is time to cook.

You can easily fit them inside your compact kitchen space. That is why these are best for people who have kitchen where space is limited.

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