Ducted vs Ductless Rangehood – Detailed Guide

Range hood can do wonders to your kitchen space, but finding the right one can be a bit tricky. Most people are confused between whether they should go for ducted range hood or ductless vent. Both of these have their own perks and drawbacks. It all depends on your needs that what kind of vent would be perfect for you for your kitchenette.

Here in this article, I am going to share with you a detailed comparison of both these hoods keeping in mind all the necessary factors. Plus, I have also addressed some important FAQs at the end, don’t miss out on them.

Ducted Range hood

The ducted range hoods, as the name implies, are joined with the help of a duct. These hoods are vented outside. The ducted range hoods remove air, smoke, and odor completely from the kitchen without any recirculating process. Unlike ductless range hoods, the ducted range hoods provide more ventilation.

The ducted range hoods because of their high ventilating ability are mostly used in commercial areas. However, most household people also prefer these in their kitchens depending on the kitchen layout and cooking.

Ductless Range hood

The ductless range hood can be fitted anywhere and doesn’t need any ductwork. It blows the air out from the top and circulates it inside the kitchen. These hoods don’t need to be vented outside on the roof or wall.

No matter how tiny or compact space you have, the recirculating range hoods can be installed anywhere. Since they don’t require any ductwork, that is why they are also regarded as ductless range hoods.

Factors to consider

Before investing your money in a range hood, whether it is ducted or ductless, you should consider the following factors. These will help you decide which range hood would be perfect for you.


The size is a crucial factor when it comes to range hoods. If your range vent doesn’t cover the whole cooktop, then its overall working is going to be affected. On the other hand, if the range hood is too large, there are good chances of your head bumping into it. That is why always go for the size which perfectly fits your stovetop.

The ducted range hoods are somewhat compact as compared to the ductless ones. The ductless needs a bit more area to cover in order to recirculate the air inside your kitchen room. That is why it is highly suggested to measure the size of the stove before investing your money.

Kitchen type

Another considerable factor is what kind of kitchen do you have? Are you looking for a vent for the open-air kitchen or something for a closed kitchen space? Ductless range hoods work best for the outside kitchens as they don’t need any ducts and can vent easily in the open air. But for the inside kitchen, both ducted and ductless work well depending on your cooking style and venting needs.

Noise production

The ductless hoods, because of their recirculating ability, needs to filter air more rapidly than the ducted ones. That is why their fan produces a significant noise because high venting means a high level of noise. To be honest, no one would want to hear a constant annoying noise whenever they are cooking and that is why it is highly advisable to choose the right range hood fan for your kitchen.

The ducted range hoods are product noise, but that is lower than the noise produced by recirculating hoods.

Is there a cost difference between ducted and ductless range hoods?

The cost of the range hood vents depends on what type of range hood you are going to buy. Normally, there is no such difference between the cost of ducted and ductless hoods. However, the installation cost of these both varies significantly.

For ducted range hoods, you need various tools and materials to properly install it (How to install a range hood). But for the ductless vents, you just need an air recirculating kit and you’re good to go.

Ducted to Ductless – Which one is better for you?

Ultimately, it’s your own choice to go with either one. No doubt, the ducted range hood vents are more efficient and vent out the heat, fumes, and odors completely from your kitchen. But the ductless is also not a bad option. The ductless hoods provide you with more flexibility and you can easily install them anywhere.

Consider all the above mentioned factors and get yourself the one that matches you the best.


Which range hood is best for the gas stove?

Although you can use both ducted and ductless hoods for gas stoves we would recommend you to go with ducted vents for gas stoves. The ducted vents are good at venting more efficiently than the ductless one.

Can I install ducted range hood all by myself?

Of course, you can. You can easily install it without any professional help. Here is the detailed guide on how to install a range hood all by yourself.

How much does a ducted range hood cost?

On average, most ducted range hoods cost around $300 to $400. However, there are plenty of options available if you’re on a lower budget. You can also go for some more expensive and highly durable range hoods. 

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